Time Synchronization

Primex is a leading provider of wireless time synchronization technologies, serving more than 16,000 locations worldwide. With the help of Amazon Web Services, OneVueTM keeps all your clocks synchronized to the exact same time, even through Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages.

With no servers to install or software to maintain, cloud-based OneVue™ takes the hassle out of deploying a facility-wide synchronized time solution. Simply connect the bridge and power-up the Smart-Sync™ clocks, and within minutes, they obtain accurate time information from OneVue™. Smart-Sync™ clocks with Bluetooth® wireless technology help facility teams operate more efficiently, slash maintenance costs and focus resources on higher priority projects.


SECURE, CLOUD-BASED SOFTWARE - OneVue™ capitalizes on the safeguards inherent in Amazon Web Services to protect your data – including banking- level security and encryption.

ACCESSIBLE ANYWHERE - Built utilizing a mobile-first, responsive design, OneVue™ can be accessed on any device, using any browser, without the need for a separate app or plug-in.

YOUR REPORTS, YOUR WAY - OneVue™ lets you set up recurring reports that can be sent to any device, so you’ll know right away if clock batteries are low, the network signal is lost or a clock is not synchronized.

SELF-FORMING, SELF-HEALING - Clocks create the network based on the strongest signal to another clock or bridge. In the rare event one clock fails, other clocks form the network around the faulty clock.

INTERFERENCE ISN’T AN ISSUE - BLE is an “always-off” technology; when data is being exchanged, Smart-Sync clocks and bridges leverage one of three BLE-only channels to eliminate Wi-Fi interference.

TAKE BACK YOUR BANDWIDTH - By leveraging a handful of bridges which communicate only once a day, Smart-Sync eliminates the need for hundreds of “always-on” clocks consuming network bandwidth.

Download the Primex OneVue™ PDF documents below or contact us to learn more.