Fire Sprinkler Success Stories

Big Wins ImageOccupied Fire Sprinkler Hotel Retrofits

  • Delta Pinnacle
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hotel Vancouver
  • Quality Inn Niagara Falls
  • Skylon Tower
  • Travel Lodge Niagara Falls

Other Occupied Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

  • Allandale Retirement Home
  • Cavendish Manor
  • Credit Valley Hospital
  • Glencoe Golf & Country Club
  • Hecla Resort Hotel Conference Centre
  • Maple Crossings
  • Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

We use industry customized software which enables our team of fire sprinkler system designers to prepare drawings using CAD software and perform software hydraulic calculations suitably sealed by a professional engineer to satisfy the requirements of local authorities and fire insurance companies. We are fully bondable and employ only trade qualified journeymen.

We have given your objectives careful consideration, and we are confident we can provide a solution that supports all of your unique needs.

We understand the scope of work and the critical schedule requirements of a project of this magnitude. If we are the successful bidder, we will provide the expertise needed to meet these requirements.