Keeping a Low Profile

Genesis Low Profile Image

Genesis LED Series horns and LED strobes feature a sleek low-profile design and energy-efficient technology that makes them less expensive to install and operate. High performance LEDs translate into fewer circuits, power supplies and back-up power.

The Genesis LED Series devices deliver a highly controlled and efficiently focused light distribution pattern resulting in lower current requirements.

Field-configurable light and sound output levels provide the flexibility that modern life safety projects demand, while the Genesis LED control protocol keeps multiple strobes on compatible NAC circuits synchronized well within ULC and NFPA code requirements.

Compared with legacy strobe devices, the Genesis LED Series appliance efficiency reduces the number of circuits, power supplies and results in smaller wire gauge. This significantly reduces installation costs and simplifies project design. They are backwards compatible with legacy strobes, and in fact can be installed on the same circuit as legacy Xenon-based strobes, making them ideal for new installations and retrofits alike.

Serviceability is another area where the Genesis LED Series appliances shine. The innovative under-cover diagnostic test points provide easy access to device circuit testing while mounted. The G4 Series devices also feature a universal room side wiring plate that allows for pre-installation electrical wiring and continuity verification with the included diagnostics check bar. You can then easily snap G4 Series devices into place with confidence, knowing the wiring is correct.

Common Features

  • Ultra-low device current consumption allows:
    • More devices per circuit
    • Ability to use lower gauge wire
    • Longer wire runs
    • Fewer booster power supplies
    • Simplified project design
    • Reduced installation costs
  • Higher efficiency optics
  • Selectable light output
  • LED devices can be mixed with legacy Xenon strobes
  • Selectable high or low dB horn output
  • Ultra-slim low-profile design
  • Quick-swap device cover options

G4 Series Features

  • Selectable 15, 30, 75 or 110 cd light output
  • Room-side wiring with continuity check

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