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EST4 - The New Leader
EST4 - New Leader - Panels Image

This exciting flagship system features a whole new network architecture that makes fire alarm, mass notification, and building integration easy to implement, quick to service, and secure in the face of today’s cyber threats.

EST4 demonstrates that form and function are inseparable elements of good system design, from its thoughtfully crafted interface to its advanced connectivity and extensive system capacity. It provides systems engineers with the tools they need to create projects that exceed expectations and have plenty of room to grow, all while respecting facility budgets and construction schedules.

The net result is an emergency communications system equally suited to new and retrofit projects; a platform that keeps property safe and steers people clear of danger.

EST4 is a modular system uniquely designed to easily meet the needs of standalone single panel systems or multi-panel networks. Life safety functions including Fire alarm, audio, and mass notification all use the same fundamental components, simplifying system layouts.

Key Features

  • Backwards Compatibility with EST: Reuse existing wiring, devices, and most local rail modules providing an economical migration to new technology.
  • Up to 75 percent less Network Cabling: Network, audio, and telephone data share a single twisted pair or single fiber strand.
  • Flexible IPV6 Network Design: Use twisted pair wire, multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber, and even CAT5 cable.
  • Firewalls meet the latest Advanced Encryption Standards providing Front-line defense against threats carried by outside networks.
  • Five-colour LED Indicators for system status at a glance.
  • Large Full-colour Touch Screen with Tactile Buttons: Fast, intuitive access for responders.
  • Impressive 100 Audio Channels of simultaneous digital messaging.
  • Advanced Upload/Download Protocol eliminates system down-time during updates.
  • Multiple Firefighter’s Telephone Risers can be accommodated on the network.
  • On-board Webserver offers remote notification and access to system status reports.
  • Email and Email-to-Text Messaging provides Instant notification of specific event types to the appropriate personnel.
  • 20,000 Event History provides invaluable timeline data for service and investigative purposes.
  • Easily Upgrade Existing Systems with network data only to support audio and firefighter phones, adding value and extending capabilities in retrofit situations.

Download the flyer below or contact us to learn more.

Keeping a Low Profile
Genesis Low Profile Image

Genesis LED Series horns and LED strobes feature a sleek low-profile design and energy-efficient technology that makes them less expensive to install and operate. High performance LEDs translate into fewer circuits, power supplies and back-up power.

The Genesis LED Series devices deliver a highly controlled and efficiently focused light distribution pattern resulting in lower current requirements.

Field-configurable light and sound output levels provide the flexibility that modern life safety projects demand, while the Genesis LED control protocol keeps multiple strobes on compatible NAC circuits synchronized well within ULC and NFPA code requirements.

Compared with legacy strobe devices, the Genesis LED Series appliance efficiency reduces the number of circuits, power supplies and results in smaller wire gauge. This significantly reduces installation costs and simplifies project design. They are backwards compatible with legacy strobes, and in fact can be installed on the same circuit as legacy Xenon-based strobes, making them ideal for new installations and retrofits alike.

Serviceability is another area where the Genesis LED Series appliances shine. The innovative under-cover diagnostic test points provide easy access to device circuit testing while mounted. The G4 Series devices also feature a universal room side wiring plate that allows for pre-installation electrical wiring and continuity verification with the included diagnostics check bar. You can then easily snap G4 Series devices into place with confidence, knowing the wiring is correct.

Common Features

  • Ultra-low device current consumption allows:
    • More devices per circuit
    • Ability to use lower gauge wire
    • Longer wire runs
    • Fewer booster power supplies
    • Simplified project design
    • Reduced installation costs
  • Higher efficiency optics
  • Selectable light output
  • LED devices can be mixed with legacy Xenon strobes
  • Selectable high or low dB horn output
  • Ultra-slim low-profile design
  • Quick-swap device cover options

G4 Series Features

  • Selectable 15, 30, 75 or 110 cd light output
  • Room-side wiring with continuity check

Download the flyer below or contact us today to find out how we can help.

Our Silence is Making Some Pretty Big Noise
Our Silence is Making Some Pretty Big Noise - Smoke Detector Image

Introducing the Signature Optica smoke detector from Edwards™, part of a next-generation detection system engineered for modern materials and environments.

Optica’s state-of-the-art sensor technology differentiates between burning food, steam or multiple types of fires, and responds appropriately. Delivering smart detection that alarms faster and more accurately than ever before, Optica sets the standard for intelligent response to today’s threats.

The new Signature Optica smoke detectors bring advanced optical sensing technology to a practical design that increases efficiency, saves installation time, cuts costs, and extends life safety and property protection capabilities. Continuous self-diagnostics ensure reliability over the long haul, while environmental compensation helps reduce maintenance costs. Edwards Optica detectors were the first to receive certification to the UL standard for Fire Alarm Systems UL 268, 7th edition.

New Optica detectors provide the best of all worlds with comprehensive life safety monitoring. The combination of optical smoke detection with rate-of-rise heat sensing technology provides efficient identification of smoldering fires, as well as fast flaming fires. With the added element of CO monitoring, this detector pulls double duty: continually monitoring the environment for signs of fire, as well as it’s invisible yet deadly companion — carbon monoxide.

Standard Features

  • Patented multi-criteria advanced optical smoke sensing technology
  • Meets ULC-S529 and UL 268 7th edition requirements
  • Integrated nuisance rejection reduces unwanted alarms from cooking particulates, humidity and dust
  • Combination models integrate advanced smoke detection with heat sensing and carbon monoxide detection
  • Backwards-compatible with existing Signature detector bases and Edwards control panels
  • Electronic addressing with automatic device mapping
  • Two levels of environmental compensation
  • Two levels of dirty detector warning
  • Sensor markings provide easy testing identification
  • Bi-colour (green/red) status LED
  • Standard, relay, fault isolator, and sounder base options

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Troy Wins Chamber of Commerce Awards
Troy Wins Chamber of Commerce Awards

At the 2019 Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony, Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. was recognized with two awards – Business of the Year and Service Excellence

We couldn’t have done this without the contribution of our dedicated team. In the submission, we told the story of how each Troy employee is dedicated to providing excellent service across our 28 offices in Canada. We demonstrated how we support each other in training and mentoring. The judges were impressed with our incredible growth since we started Troy in 2007. 

Thank you to every member of the Troy Team for making this recognition possible!

Training Sets Our Service Team Apart
Troy - Training Sets Our Service Team Apart

We have opportunities for Fire Alarm Service Technicians throughout our 28 national branches - join us!

Troy has a number of employment opportunities for Fire Alarm Service Technicians throughout our 28 national branches, and leadership opportunities are also available. You’ll enjoy excellent compensation, a company-leased vehicle and comprehensive benefits. We are focused on employee growth, business growth, and financial success for both.

Our team includes 165 Fire Alarm Technicians with factory training, and 236 Sprinkler Fitters who spend years becoming certified.
Every day, thousands of customers count on us to ensure their life safety systems are installed, verified, inspected, maintained, and fully code-compliant. We’ve built our reputation on their satisfaction.

Download the PDF flyer below below learn more.

The Right Time - All The Time
The Right Time - All The Time - from Primex

Troy is proud to offer a complete time synchronization solution from Primex.

Primex is a leading provider of wireless time synchronization technologies, serving more than 16,000 locations worldwide. With the help of Amazon Web Services, OneVueTM keeps all your clocks synchronized to the exact same time, even through Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages.

With no servers to install or software to maintain, cloud-based OneVue™ takes the hassle out of deploying a facility-wide synchronized time solution. Simply connect the bridge and power-up the Smart-Sync™ clocks, and within minutes, they obtain accurate time information from OneVue™. Smart-Sync™ clocks with Bluetooth® wireless technology help facility teams operate more efficiently, slash maintenance costs and focus resources on higher priority projects.

Click here to learn more about how Troy can help you stay on time.

Mythbusting Residential Sprinkler Systems
Residential Sprinkler Image Courtesy of Tyco Fire Protection Products

Mike Dwyer at Cedarglen Homes writes:

We want to spread the good word. I’m going to share a little piece of advice, as far as residential sprinkler systems are concerned: Hollywood lied to you. Remember Agent Smith interrogating Morpheus in The Matrix? Neo blows up the elevator, he and Trinity ride the cable up, and the sprinklers go off in the whole building? Total fiction. Other than that, it was pretty believable, but the sprinkler part is just plain wrong. That myth, and others, shall be vanquished forthwith!

Click here to get the facts about 7 common residential sprinkler myths.

Humidity Setting Off Smoke Detectors in Halifax
Fire Truck in Background with Pylon in Foreground

CBC news reported on July 24th that humid weather is causing smoke detectors to go off all over the Halifax Regional Municipality, including three false alarms at the Halifax infirmary. Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency said on Monday alone it had to respond to 52 calls across the city. Of those, more than half of them were because a smoke alarm was triggered by humidity.

"When humidity is high, we respond to a lot of calls," said Kevin Reade, a division commander for Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency. Reade said a certain type of smoke detector — called an ionization detector — often mistakes humidity or steam for smoke.

Troy has a line of photoelectric smoke detectors that compensate for environmental change. Download the brochure below to learn more.

Dramatic Residential Sprinkler Demo in Calgary
Dramatic Residential Sprinkler Demo in Calgary

A Calgary Herald report on the difference residential sprinklers can make during a house fire.

The simulation, using a trailer with two equally sized spaces staged as great rooms — one with a residential sprinkler, and one without — was held during an event in Livingston last weekend.

Master-planned by Brookfield Residential, Livingston is believed to be the only community in North America to make residential sprinklers a standard feature in all homes, from its inception.

The demonstrations of fires with and without residential sprinklers were done one at a time. In both cases, their respective smoke alarms were trigged about 22 seconds in.

“At just under three minutes, the room without a sprinkler went into flashover. At just over two minutes, the sprinkler head activated on the other side,” says Sean Pearce, a fire and life safety consultant who helped co-ordinate the demonstration in Livingston and has supported Brookfield in its implementation of residential sprinklers in various capacities.

The term flashover, he says, refers to “the point where the heat reaches a specific point for that room that the contents all ignite regardless of if they have direct flame impingement or not.”

Click here to read the entire Calgary Herald article.

We're Growing - Careers @ Troy
We're Growing Image - Careers at Troy

Troy has a number of employment opportunities for Fire Alarm Service Technicians throughout our 28 national branches, and leadership opportunities are also available. You’ll enjoy excellent compensation, including a company-leased vehicle and comprehensive benefits. We are focused on employee growth, business growth, and financial success for both. Visit the Careers section to learn more.

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