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Troy is a full service fire sprinkler company that offers comprehensive fire suppression services, including fire sprinkler system engineering, fabrication, installation and maintenance, 24-hour service and special hazards (FM200, Inergen, Novec 1230, C02).

We are able to design, supply, install, service and inspect all types of fire sprinkler systems. Inspections are performed to verify the operational integrity of your fire sprinkler system. Some of the testing includes: main drain test, flow test through inspector’s test connection, zone valves and flow switches, control valves, low point drains, antifreeze solution, and quick opening devices.

A detailed list of all inspection times and test results is provided in an easy to read format.

Troy leads the fire alarm, fire sprinkler and life safety industry with unparalleled designs, service, and customer care. We offer complete design, supply, installation, service, and inspection of all types of sprinkler systems.

  • Over 40 years experience in the fire sprinkler field
  • Member of the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association (CASA)
  • We follow NFPA Codes, fire marshall, local fire department, insurance authority and the owner requirements
  • Our licensed fire sprinkler service technicians provide 24 hour emergency service
  • Fire Sprinklers – Stand Pipes – Fire Pumps – Antifreeze Loops – Kitchen Hoods  – Extinguishers – Fire Alarms

We are a member of CASA (Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association), whose mission is to extend the benefits of automatic fire sprinklers to all Canadians, where we work, live and play.

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Sprinkler Features



We can help prevent frost from damaging your sprinkler system and causing floods. Every Fall, all dry pipe systems must be winterized. Due to Canada’s diverse weather conditions, condensation continually forms in dry pipe systems. Eventually, this condensation settles in the "low point" drains. It is the owner’s responsibility to check and drain collected condensation prior to any cold weather. Troy can provide this winterizing service, and we can also train your staff on how to perform this procedure correctly.

Backflow Protection

Backflow Protection

Cross connections, an actual or potential connection between your potable drinking water and possibly contaminated water, are serious conditions that may constitute a public health hazard. Approved backflow prevention assemblies are, in most municipalities and cities, required by law to protect the public water supply.

Special Hazards

Special Hazards

Fire sprinkler systems are key components of your fire suppression systems, but they may not be the best solution for every situation. In some cases the introduction of water may not provide the best suppression capabilities or the water could have unintended consequences in the area being protected from fire.

Fire protection technology offers a wide array of systems for these special hazard applications and we can find the one best suited for your needs.

At Troy Life & Fire Safety, we strive to provide world-class service, product, quality and customer value.

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