The Troy Communications group specializes in the development and manufacture of communications products for the healthcare, educational and correctional markets. The product portfolio includes

  • Nurse Call
  • Emergency Call
  • Wander Prevention
  • Asset Tracking
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Voice Paging
  • Intercom
  • Commercial Sound
  • Time Keeping
  • Media Delivery

We offer a complete array of communications solutions backed by a team of highly skilled, experienced industry experts who are dedicated to exceeding our customers expectations and delivering exceptional value and service.

We can also offer systems specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of educational, healthcare and correctional facilities. Our state of the art school communications systems integrate voice communication, scheduling, security and media retrieval into a single cost-effective solution. For correctional facilities, we have developed intercom and emergency response systems designed to increase efficiency and to aid in creating a safer environment for staff and inmates. We can provide standalone nurse call systems or integrate them fully with your existing communications to deliver a complete healthcare solution.

Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. is proud to be an Edwards Authorized National Partner in Canada.

By gaining access to a wide range of leading-edge Edwards products, the partnership will enable Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. to grow its business across Canada while better serving its valued customer base, from coast to coast.

We are a member of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association, whose mission is to maximize the use and effectiveness of fire alarm systems in the protection of life and property in Canada.

Visit the CFAA Web site

Audio and Communications

Atlas Sound Products

Atlas Sound Products

Troy Life & Fire Safety has teamed up with Atlas Sound to provide a complete Audio and Communications solution. From background music to a full campus Mass Notification system we now have the tools to solve any audio problem.

Combining the established history of service from Troy Life & Fire Safety and an industry leader in commercial sound since 1934, creates a perfect synergy that gives you the confidence the job will be done right with the best possible equipment.

TOA Corporation

TOA Corporation

TOA Corporation products range from digital amplifiers and speakers, to mixers, wireless microphone systems and digital processors used in sound reinforcement, to integrated VOIP intercom and emergency paging and voice evacuation systems for security and communications.

In 1990, TOA Canada Corporation was formed as a complete sound solutions provider, specializing in commercial audio, including, public address, voice communications, voice evacuation, and emergency paging. TOA Canada offers complete solutions for all corporate and commercial audio communications and intercom requirements.

Cooper ALERiTY Mass Notification

Cooper ALERiTY Mass Notification

Cooper Notification is helping emergency managers and security professionals in more than 500 MNS installations worldwide deliver critical alerts when it matters most. Cooper Notification’s Mass Notification Systems are successfully providing emergency communications for all types of threats and disasters in various types of occupancies. The systems can also be used for general announcements, crowd control and special events.

From catastrophic natural disasters to the threats college students face, there has been a heightened demand for effective, multi-layered emergency communications. That’s why the ALERiTY integrated and interoperable Mass Notification platform provides the perfect solution to instantly communicate to everyone – anytime, anywhere. As a Cooper Notification Integrated Service Dealer, Troy Life & Fire Safety can meet your Mass Notification & Emergency Management needs, whether it's a Complete MNS Solution, In-Building MNS, Personal Alerting Systems, or a Wide-Area MNS.



Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) has been a leader in mass communications for over 30 years. With systems installed worldwide in airports, convention centers, healthcare facilities, government complexes and industrial buildings, IED understands the primary needs of any messaging system. Reliability is essential for mass communication, while simplified user interfaces and system flexibility for future changes and expansion are also critical. IED’s ability to consistently achieve these goals, combined with their unmatched experience in the audio industry, has placed them in a position to provide messaging systems that exceed customer expectations.

  • LANcom - An SCS designed to meet the ever-increasing technical needs of educational facilities, providing campus-wide communication systems with just the right features to benefit students, faculty, administrators, and the education system as a whole.
  • GLOBALCOM - A new series of Announcement Control Systems that are network-centric, eliminating the need for large head-end equipment room installations. It moves processing and intelligence to the edge of the network, yet maintains overall system control and management at the core. This innovative distribution system simplifies installation and significantly reduces costs by integrating with industry-standard structured cabling and network infrastructure. With GLOBALCOM, you can start small and expand as needed.

Nurse Call and Intercom



RCare is a provider of UL 1069 and UL 2560-tested wireless nurse call and personal emergency response systems for the entire spectrum of eldercare and senior living. RCare components integrate into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create efficient and verifiable responses to medical emergencies. RCare works with distribution partners to build individualized, flexible and seamless systems that enhance both caregiving and resident quality of life. RCare solution features include:

  • Designed for 99% Uptime: The entire RCare solution–from the wireless transmitters to the hardened, military-grade receiver–is engineered to provide 99.99% uptime. Guaranteed.
  • Access Anywhere From a Browser: The RCare solution can be accessed securely from anywhere using the browser on your PC, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Designed for Culture Change: RCare helps you avoid a clinical atmosphere, from attractive pendants and wearables to decorative room notification sconces.
  • Built-in Staff Training: RCare comes with a full featured e-learning suite to train your staff.


Aiphone’s wide selection of security and communication systems give you the protection you need, no matter where you are. We design systems for a clients in a variety of industries, keeping your unique challenges and needs at top of mind.

Founded in 1948 in Nagoya, Aiphone has grown to be the world's largest manufacturer of intercom systems. We have earned a position of leadership by focusing on quality every step of the way. Through our strong commitment to Total Quality Control we constantly seek ways to improve our products and our processes. The result is a worldwide reputation for technological advancements, abroad range of products, and--most important of all--customer satisfaction.

Patient Wandering and Time Synchronization



Accutech’s specialized healthcare security systems are actively installed in more than 5,000 healthcare facilities across the world. Through alerts and other security mechanisms, our systems provide immediate notification of a security breach. As a leading manufacturer of security systems for over 35 years, Accutech continues to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for the safety of babies, patients, and residents worldwide.


  • ResidentGuard – A senior living wander management system that is fully integrated into Troy’s RCare Nurse Call Systems
  • Cuddles – Hospital infant security systems
  • CertaScan – Digital footprinting for increased hospital security
  • Kidz – Pediatric elopement systems




Primex is a leading provider of wireless time synchronization technologies, serving more than 16,000 locations worldwide. With the help of Amazon Web Services, OneVueTM keeps all your clocks synchronized to the exact same time, even through Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages.

With no servers to install or software to maintain, cloud-based OneVue™ takes the hassle out of deploying a facility-wide synchronized time solution. Simply connect the bridge and power-up the Smart-Sync™ clocks, and within minutes, they obtain accurate time information from OneVue™. Smart-Sync™ clocks with Bluetooth® wireless technology help facility teams operate more efficiently, slash maintenance costs and focus resources on higher priority projects.


  • Secure, Cloud-Based Software – OneVue™ capitalizes on the safeguards inherent in Amazon Web Services to protect your data, including banking-level security and encryption
  • Accessible Anywhere – Built utilizing a mobile-first, responsive design, OneVue™ can be accessed on any device, using any browser, without the need for a separate app or plug-in
  • Your Reports, Your Way – OneVue™ lets you set up recurring reports that can be sent to any device, so you’ll know right away if clock batteries are low, the network signal is lost or a clock is not synchronized
  • Self-Forming, Self-Healing – Clocks create the network based on the strongest signal to another clock or bridge, and in the rare event one clock fails, the others form a network around the faulty clock
  • Interference Isn’t An Issue – BLE is an “always-off” technology; when data is being exchanged, Smart-Sync clocks and bridges leverage one of three BLE-only channels to eliminate Wi-Fi interference
  • Take Back Your Bandwidth – By leveraging a handful of bridges which communicate only once a day, Smart-Sync eliminates the need for hundreds of “always-on” clocks consuming network bandwidth

At Troy Life & Fire Safety, we strive to provide world-class service, product, quality and customer value.

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