EST4 - The New Leader

This exciting flagship system features a whole new network architecture that makes fire alarm, mass notification, and building integration easy to implement, quick to service, and secure in the face of today’s cyber threats.

Form and Function

EST4 demonstrates that form and function are inseparable elements of good system design, from its thoughtfully crafted interface to its advanced connectivity and extensive system capacity. It provides systems engineers with the tools they need to create projects that exceed expectations and have plenty of room to grow, all while respecting facility budgets and construction schedules.

The net result is an emergency communications system equally suited to new and retrofit projects; a platform that keeps property safe and steers people clear of danger.

EST4 is a modular system uniquely designed to easily meet the needs of standalone single panel systems or multi-panel networks. Life safety functions including Fire alarm, audio, and mass notification all use the same fundamental components, simplifying system layouts.

Key Features

  • Backwards Compatibility with EST3: Reuse existing wiring, devices, and most local rail modules providing an economical migration to new technology.
  • Up to 75 percent less Network Cabling: Network, audio, and telephone data share a single twisted pair or single fiber strand.
  • Flexible IPV6 Network Design: Use twisted pair wire, multi-mode fiber, single-mode fiber, and even CAT5 cable.
  • Firewalls meet the latest Advanced Encryption Standards providing Front-line defense against threats carried by outside networks.
  • Five-colour LED Indicators for system status at a glance.
  • Large Full-colour Touch Screen with Tactile Buttons: Fast, intuitive access for responders.
  • Impressive 100 Audio Channels of simultaneous digital messaging.
  • Advanced Upload/Download Protocol eliminates system down-time during updates.
  • Multiple Firefighter’s Telephone Risers can be accommodated on the network.
  • On-board Webserver offers remote notification and access to system status reports.
  • Email and Email-to-Text Messaging provides Instant notification of specific event types to the appropriate personnel.
  • 20,000 Event History provides invaluable timeline data for service and investigative purposes.
  • Easily Upgrade Existing Systems with network data only to support audio and firefighter phones, adding value and extending capabilities in retrofit situations.

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