Plan Ahead

Be prepared and benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing your building occupants understand what to do during a fire emergency - this is paramount for the safety and protection of occupants and property.

Provincial and National Fire Codes outline the need to have site-specific, approved fire safety plans for your premises.

Not having an approved or adequate fire safety plan could result in legal penalties. Property and business owners are encouraged to have an up-to-date fire safety plan for their premises for the safety of their occupants and responding fire department officials.

Troy Fire Safety Consultants are trained with over 10 years of industry experience in the development of fire safety plans for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Municipal/Private Sectors.

Considerations for obtaining a fire safety plan

  • In most cases they are required to obtain a building occupancy permit
  • Is required if your occupancy meets a specific number of persons
  • If your occupancy is equipped with a Fire Alarm System
  • If it is deemed necessary by your local fire prevention official
  • If your premises goes through a change of ownership
  • Updated after fire protection system changes
  • Plans should be re-evaluated and updated at a minimum every 5 years
  • It could lower your insurance depending on your carrier

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