Our Silence is Making Some Pretty Big Noise

Optica’s state-of-the-art sensor technology differentiates between burning food, steam or multiple types of fires, and responds appropriately. Delivering smart detection that alarms faster and more accurately than ever before, Optica sets the standard for intelligent response to today’s threats.

Signature Optica Sets the Standard

The new Signature Optica smoke detectors bring advanced optical sensing technology to a practical design that increases efficiency, saves installation time, cuts costs, and extends life safety and property protection capabilities. Continuous self-diagnostics ensure reliability over the long haul, while environmental compensation helps reduce maintenance costs. Edwards Optica detectors were the first to receive certification to the UL standard for Fire Alarm Systems UL 268, 7th edition.

New Optica detectors provide the best of all worlds with comprehensive life safety monitoring. The combination of optical smoke detection with rate-of-rise heat sensing technology provides efficient identification of smoldering fires, as well as fast flaming fires. With the added element of CO monitoring, this detector pulls double duty: continually monitoring the environment for signs of fire, as well as it’s invisible yet deadly companion — carbon monoxide.

Standard Features

  • Patented multi-criteria advanced optical smoke sensing technology
  • Meets ULC-S529 and UL 268 7th edition requirements
  • Integrated nuisance rejection reduces unwanted alarms from cooking particulates, humidity and dust
  • Combination models integrate advanced smoke detection with heat sensing and carbon monoxide detection
  • Backwards-compatible with existing Signature detector bases and Edwards control panels
  • Electronic addressing with automatic device mapping
  • Two levels of environmental compensation
  • Two levels of dirty detector warning
  • Sensor markings provide easy testing identification
  • Bi-colour (green/red) status LED
  • Standard, relay, fault isolator, and sounder base options

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